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The engineering company NT Promlogo
NT-Prom, LLC - is actively developing Russian engineering company. Over the years, NT-Prom gained a valuable experience in preparing and implementing large-scale engineering projects under advanced international standards.

The basis of our business - use of the advanced international experience of reconstruction of the industrial enterprises and ability to adapt technological achievements of last years to conditions of the Client.

NT-Prom provides an effective technological audit and a detailed substantiation of possible variants of modernization. Since 2003, NT-Prom involved in the reconstruction of 74 sugar factories in Russia and CIS countries. NT-Prom employs 3 Doctors of Sciences, 5 Ph.Ds and 53 Engineers.

 The main structural units of NT-Prom:
- Department of Research and Development
- Design Bureau
- Automation\Industrial Control Group
- Assembly Group
- Department of Foreign Trade and Logistics
- Groups of Financial and Project Management

Besides sugar branch, the company is engaged in engineering in the chemical and mining industries, has environmental projects for cement production from sugar industry wastes.