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What are the benefits of baling forage with an Orkel compactor? The short answer is: Many! Baling with Orkel gives you better forage quality, better wrapping, and better storage, to mention a few. Let’s explain!

  • Better forage quality, increased milk & meat production

    Better forage quality, increased milk & meat production

    High degree of compaction eliminates oxygen and leads to higher forage quality. Using traditional methods rather than high-density round bales, cattle feed is conserved in bunker-, tower- or pit silos. When it is time to initiate feeding by opening the compartment, all forage is exposed to oxygen, initiating a degradation of nutrients and spoilage of the forage. This results in less nutrient-rich forage for your cattle, while increasing the amount of food loss.

    When baling, you assure that all the nutrients are preserved by excluding the oxygen from your forage. After opening a bale, the remaining bales stay wrapped and protected against oxygen. This limits food loss, and increases the production and quality of milk and meat.

  • Wrapping film-on-film protects the content

    Wrapping film-on-film protects the content

    Your bale is wrapped and protected with film-on-film wrapping; An inner widefilm combined with an outer wrapping film. This thoroughly protects your forage’s quality and drastically limits the potential food loss by maintaining the shape of the bale and keeping oxygen and moisture out.

  • Better storage locations

    Better storage locations

    Due to the protective wrapping method, high-density Orkel bales can be stored for a longer period of time and at less optimal storage locations than other storage methods. In addition, bales produced with the Orkel compactor are more firm and stable than most bales. As a result, the high-density Orkel bales can be stacked up to 6 bales in height in order to save floor space.

  • Better handling

    Better handling

    High-density round bales reduces the volume. This simplifies the logistics and allows for easy and cost-efficient transport in containers, by ships, or on trailers and trucks. The wrapping makes sure that the material is protected, in addition to preventing losses during transport.

  • Easy market access

    Easy market access

    Round bales are easy to buy or sell. With Orkel Precision, you can access complete bale history and content details using your smartphone, which represents a huge benefit if you are buying or selling forage. Combined with the aspect of simplified shipment, you increase your product’s market access.