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Bale anything

The Orkel compactors are currently baling more than 30 different materials within the waste, industry and agricultural sectors, and still expanding to new areas of use. Take a look at some of the materials below! Do not hesitate to contact us to find out if your bulk material can be baled.


Baling your bulk materials offers many benefits. Here’s a few of them.
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  • Reduced volume
  • Easy handling and storage
  • Environment friendly
  • Simplified and cost efficient transport

Orkel Precision

The Orkel Precision technology benefits all aspects in the value chain surrounding round bales as a conservation method and logistical tool. The range of posibilities varies from managing your baling sessions to full traceability during international sales of bales, and even in-farm precision feeding.

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Clod conected Orkel telematics app
Orkel BaleID app
Production insights Orkel Telematics app
Telematics app report
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Cloud connectivity

The compactor will store, package and upload all available information regarding every aspect of the machine activity as it happens. Allowing you to send baling reports, and for Orkel to perform remote support.

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The BaleID system applies a unique tag and number to your bale, giving it life. All relevant bale-information is stored on the cloud, and can be accessed trough the BaleID app.

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With the buildt in NIR-sensor you have full knowledge about your material. Deside what you want to do with this exact round bale based on the known characteristics. Sort according to quality and start precision feeding.

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Remote support

The Orkel support team can now combine telemetry data and LiveAssist to give the best possible remote support.

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Premium quality & service

The Orkel compactors are of outstanding quality in terms of reliability, durability and maintainability.
Our knowledgeable and experienced technical consultants are situated in all six continents and more than 60 countries. We provide 24-hour help all year round, regarding any technical issue or questions.

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