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The Orkel Precision technology benefits all aspects in the value chain surrounding round bales as a conservation method and logistical tool. The range of possibilities varies from managing your baling sessions to full traceability during international sales of bales, and even in-farm precision feeding.

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  • Cloud connectivity

    Cloud connectivity

    The compactor will store, package and upload all available information regarding every aspect of the machine activity as it happens. Allowing you to send baling reports and for Orkel to perform remote support.

  • Traceability


    The BaleID system applies a unique tag and number to your bale, giving it life. All relevant bale-information is stored on the cloud, and can be accessed trough the BaleID app.

  • NIR-analysis


    With the buildt in NIR-sensor you have full knowledge about your material. Deside what you want to do with this exact round bale based on the known characteristics. Sort according to quality and start precision feeding.

  • Remote support

    Remote support

    The Orkel support team can now combine telemetry data and LiveAssist to give you quick and efficient support.

Technology packages


Your Production Management Tool

  • Telementry unit
  • Weighing system
  • BaleID tagger
  • NIR-sensor


  • Cloud connectivity

    Live compactor and production data stored safely on the cloud.

  • Complete overview

    Monitor your compactor's performance on Orkel Telematics app or

  • Production data

    Measure and compare your production. It’s all about the tonnes/pr hour!

  • Transfer data

    Transfer bale and production reports to customers.

  • Remote support

    The Orkel support team can troubleshoot and run diagnosis from Norway.

  • Optimize

    Fine tune your operation and increase your profitability.

Bale Manager

Your Bale Traceability Tool

  • Telementry unit
  • Weighing system
  • BaleID tagger
  • NIR-sensor

  • BaleID

    Automatically applies a tag to your bale giving it a unique ID.

  • Bale information

    Material, weight, date, location, pressure, layers of plastic, baled by, baled for, current owner, weather when baled and more!

  • Custom information

    Write relevant information on your bales. TMR-composition, or perhaps a note.

  • BaleID APP

    Scan the bales and ensure you get the desired content.

Content intelligence

Your Bale Content Tool

  • Telementry unit
  • Weighing system
  • BaleID tagger
  • NIR-sensor

  • Automatic NIR - analysis

    Get full knowledge about the nutritional content of every bale.

  • Stock overview

    Know how much forage you have at all times. Perhaps you need to buy more, or sell.

  • Organize

    Organize your bales according to content quality.

  • Precision feeding

    Ensure your livestock gets the correct feed composition. Save money on additives.

  • Feed right

    Improve your milk and meet production. Achieve better animal welfare while reducing your climate footprint.