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The benefits of baling with Orkel compactors

  • Reduce volume 50-70 %
  • Exclude oxygen
  • Specific weight increase
  • Easy handling
  • Excluding oxygen
  • Waterproof
  • No or minimal losses
  • Environment friendly
  • Film on film
  • Homogenous unit package
  • Excellent conservation
  • Easy stacking
  • Safe storage anywhere
  • Long term protection
  • Environment friendly
  • Bales on pallets
  • In container (44x)
  • By lorry
  • By ship
  • Easy on/off

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Agricultural Compactors

A baler-wrapper combination well know for its performance, stability and long product life.

right Agricultural Compactors
2017 Dens X F25 3840x2578

Industrial Compactors

For baling fine materials the new Hi-X Compactor is ideal due to innovative technology and robust materials.

right Industrial Compactors
2017 Hi X 3840x2578