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Orkel Wrap Film

Superior oxygen barrier

Orkel Wrap bales benefit from an enhanced ensiling process resulting in better crop conservation thanks to the increased oxygen barrier afforded by the extra film layers around the bale circumference. The reinforced oxygen barrier provided by Orkel Wrap helps to prevent the growth of white mould, which in turn means fewer losses of valuable fodder.

Exceptional puncture resistance

As a pre-orientated film manufactured using modern 5 to 7 layer blown film extruders, Orkel Wrap offers exceptional puncture resistance.

Additional bale edge protection

Orkel Wrap’s ability to cover the bale from edge to edge offers additional protection around the edge of the bale – especially useful when baling stalky crops.

More compact, denser bales

Due to the high tightening force, Orkel Wrap creates tighter, more compact bales that benefit from a more rounded shape. These compact bales take less space during transport and storage and are more stable during storage.

Smooth film surface

Orkel Wrap is easier to remove as no fodder can become enmeshed as when using netwrap. This is particularly useful during winter months as fodder will not become trapped in frosty conditions. Thanks to its smooth film surface bales can be unwrapped quickly and easily.

UV and HUV stabilized.

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Technical Details

Hight (mm)500 / 750

Lenght (m)1500 / 1650

Thickness (µ)25


Film-on-film technology to the rescue!

Film-on-film technology to the rescue!

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