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Orkel Wrap PRO

Film for Professional use


  • Sleeve packaging and 23µ thickness leads to more film pr roll.
  • Yet still the same oxygen barrier and strength. Double sided glue
  • Pre-strech up to 80%
  • Saving time, money, and waste
    • Less change of reels
    • Less packaging/pallets
    • Less transport cost


9 000 ton corn silage. 10.000 bales.
Standard 1 500m Wrap vs Orkel PRO 1 800m

  • Number of wrap layers: 6
  • Standard Wrap: 435 reels
  • Orkel PRO Wrap: 358 reels
  • Film saved: 1047 kg

UV and HUV stabilized.

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Technical Details

Height (mm)500 / 750

Lenght (mm)1800

Thickness (µ)23


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