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Wood shavings

Wood shavings are thin, small pieces or shreds of wood that are typically created through wood planing or shaving/milling. They are commonly used in various applications such as animal bedding, mulch and as packaging material due to their desirable properties. Simplified handling is one of many advantages of baling this material.

Wood shavings are widely used as animal bedding for animals like horses, poultry and small pets, due to its abilities to control moisture and odour and simultaneously be a comfortable surface for the animal.

Shavings and sawdust are both byproducts from wood processing, but they differ in size, shape and how they are produced. Sawdust will absorb more than shavings because it has a higher surface area. While more absorbent, sawdust is dustier than shavings. Sawdust can also be baled with an Orkel compactor.

As mentioned, simplified handling is one great advantage of baling this material. Other advantages include easy transport, reduction of fire hazard and a clean and dry product at all times. Bales can be stored outdoors without compromising the quality, and when they are needed elsewhere, the packaging offers easy and cost-efficient transport.

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Features baling wood shavings silage

  • Dry matter

    80 - 90%

    Dry matter
  • Bale weight
    Up to


    Bale weight
  • Tons per hour
    Up to


    Tons per hour

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