RDF / SRF baling, handling and shipping

Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) otherwise known as  Solid Recovered Fuel/Specified Recovered Fuel (SRF) is one of the main ways to convert waste into energy. RDF and SRF is being exported from the United Kingdom all over the world to be used in waste to energy plants. This film shows the whole process, from loose material to loaded onto ships or lorries.

RDF baling, handling and shipping

Once at the destination, as there are no strings or metal ties on the bales, whole bales can be put into shredders which tear the bales apart allowing all the material to be processed easily.
With an Orkel Compactor Baler you can reduce your transport costs, decrease the amount of space you need and protect the contents of your RDF / SRF bales. Companies that have invested in the Orkel Baler have seen their transport costs plummet by up to 40%. The investment cost of an Orkel Industrial Compactor is also lower than the alternatives.
Explore the Hi-X, our new Compactor specialized for compacting and baling RDF/SRF.
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