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Bale rough waste materials with Hi-X evo

Since entering its high-density compactors into the waste segment, Orkel AS has maintained a close relationship with its customers and distributors. By doing so, Orkel is gathering feedback from their end users in order to continuously improve the Orkel technology. Answering to the market demand, Orkel officially launched a revamped model of its Hi-X compactor in 2019; The Hi-X evo.

The new feed hopper design for the Hi-X evo is developed to transport rough material into the elevator.

Innovative solutions

The Hi-X evo has unique features allowing the machine to bale rough waste materials, such as MSW (municipal solid waste) or plastics where the material consists of irregularly shaped particles. This ability is achieved through several technical specifications, such as:

  • New feed hopper design
    Hi-X evo is developed to transport rough material into the elevator, while minimizing the risk for overflowing. The angle of the hopper’s rear end is steeper, increasing efficiency.
  • Reduced elevator angle
    The elevator has its angle reduced by 30 degrees. This ensures a secure flow of material up the elevator and into the chamber. Furthermore, this reduces the risk of blockages. 
  • Larger passage into the chamber
    The film tying unit is lifted 20cm, which results in a larger passage between the elevator and the chamber, enabling rougher fragments to pass.
  • Reversable feed hopper, elevator and sub-conveyor
    The moving direction of the feed hopper, the elevator, and the sub-conveyor can be reversed from the display unit in order to easily resolve any upcoming blockages.
  • Hydraulically operated elevator access hatch
    The elevator bottom has a hydraulically operated hatch, offering a swift solution for the operator if excessive amounts of material gathers in this area.
  • Air cleaning system
    The Hi-X evo is equipped with an air cleaning system that blows loose material away from critical areas of the compactor, preventing unnecessary standstills.  
Stronger performance

After introducing the Orkel Hi-X to the market, Orkel has received outstanding feedback from its end users: Oakleaf Recycling, a British utilities company located in London, UK, was delighted after operating their new Hi-X evo, experiencing a stronger performance using the Hi-X evo compared to previous technology.

Baling for a better environment

One of our customers who has experience with how to bale rough waste materials is Facil Inova, a company located on the islands of the Azores. Their focus was to clear the landfills from the islands by implementing better waste management. Since purchasing their first Orkel compactor, they have experienced several benefits of baling waste.

Main benefits of baling waste
  • Odor free storage for longer periods
  • No toxic runoff or hazardous gases
  • Reduced volume
  • Storage anywhere
  • Easy logistics
  • Cost efficient transport

Waste in round bales are clean and easy to transport

A huge step forward

Furthermore, Keith Williamson, CEO of K&S Baling and dealer of Orkel technology, expresses that the opportunities related to the Hi-X evo represents a huge step forward for the waste baling sector.  

Curious on whether the Hi-X evo would be suitable for your business? Contact our sales team through to learn more about the features of baling waste with a Hi-X evo!