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PowerPack PP550

Orkel PowerPack PP550 is an advanced power source that enables efficient, flexible and reliable drive and operation of your Orkel compactor. 

A frequency controlled RPM secures your operation under low as well as high temperatures. The automatic RPM regulation ensures the correct speed for you compactor during any operating condition. The arrangement is optimized to operate the Compactor with the lowest possible power draw, still assuring high quality baling.

Complete package:

– Easy to transport

– Easy to operate and connect

– Easy handling; lift and load/unload by a forklift

– Ready to use from factory

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    –  Electrical power monitoring, soft motor start, accurate speed control, and correct supply of power and RPM to ensure the best performance of your compactor.


    – PTO only runs at 300 RPM until the oil reach operating temperature.


    – Optimized motor operating parameters, emergency stop, overload and overheating protection.

Dimensions in mm

Technical Details

Weight 975 kg

Dimensions L x W x H (mm)1360 x 1300 x 1570

Ingress Protection MarkingIP54

Input voltage380 - 420 V, 50/60 Hz

Required fuse125A

Cable connector400V 125A CEE (included)

Motor type6-pole, 280M

Motor nominal power55 kW

VFD nominal power75 kW

Actual power, peak80 kW

12Vdc supply capacity50 A

PTO speed, operation850 rpm

PTO speed, warm-up300 rpm

PTO spline1 3/8 Z6

PTO height63 cm

ControlsManual start, stop, e-stop