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MC850 flex

A flexible compactor for customers wanting fewer kilos of forage per bale.

The MC850 flex model, an evolution of the MC850 model, is characterized by its unique kit which allows the compactor to limit the bales’ weight. Through intuitive settings, customers requiring low volumes of feeding may seamlessly regulate their bale size, producing smaller Orkel bales than before.

The weight of a flex bale starts at approximately 100 kg, and may range up to 450 kg, according to customer preference. Compared to the initial MC850 model, the MC850 flex model is equipped with a kit and specialized bale settings, limiting the bale diameter to 50 cm. Furthermore, the compactor’s wrapper unit is re-sized to fit a 200 – 300 mm wide wrapping film. Combined, the additional characteristics of the MC850 flex model creates an easy-to-handle compactor unit.

In line with other Orkel models, the MC850 flex compactor is currently compatible with over 25 different materials and is still expanding to new areas of use.

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Important Functions

  • Specialized Kit and Bale Settings

    The MC850 flex kit and bale settings limits the bale diameter to 50 cm, allowing smaller bales than before.

  • Compatible with 25+ materials

    The MC850 flex compactor can bale a variety of bulk materials such as saw dust, chopped forage maize, chopped grasses and many more.

  • Widefilm

    Choose between net or widefilm when baling with the MC850 compactor. The widefilm adds extra protection to your material and simplifies the waste handling.

The High-Density Baling Process

Click the “+” icons for more information about each stage in the high-density baling process.

Technical Details

Maximum capacity (bales/h)65

Tractor power (min. PTO hp)90

Chamber pressure (bar)240

Bale size (cm)ø50 x 85 - ø85 x 85

Volume (m³)0,17m³ - 0,48m³

Bale weight (kg)100 - 550

Feed hopperF5


Control systemConventional

Weighing systemNo

Transport length (mm)7860

Transport height (mm)3390

Transport width (mm)2860

Operation length (mm)9170

Operation height (mm)3860

Operation width (mm)2860

Net. weight (kg)7120

Wrapper film width (mm)250/360

Wide film width (mm)950

The Dens-X’s capacity with regard to maize silage with about 60% moisture is between 400 – 600 tonnes per day, making it the machine with the highest daily silage baling capacity in the world.

Johan Burger Marais

Director, Kameeldrift Voere

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