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Chicken manure

Bailing chicken manure is a common practice to enhance properties and to obtain easy handling, transport and storage. Composting helps break down the organic matter, eliminates pathogens, and reduces the strong odour of fresh manure. Because of this, the results are a stable, nutrient-rich product that can be safely used as a soil amendment.

Chicken manure is widely used as an organic fertilizer in gardening, horticulture, and agriculture because of its high nitrogen content. It also contains significant amounts of phosphorus and potassium. These are essential nutrients to plant growth, improved soil fertility, and enhanced overall soil health. The nutrients are released slowly over time, and this provides a sustainable and long-lasting source of nourishment for plants.

Baling the manure provides easy and cost-efficient transport and logistics of the product, with an average volume reduction of 50%. Round bales are easy to stack and the film keeps them protected against all weather. The volume reduction makes it easy to move the bales long distance, and this can be convenient when wanting to move this material from locations with surplus of phosphorus to places with minimum access.

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Features baling chicken manure silage

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    Dry matter
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    Kg bale weight
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