Hi-X evo

For baling waste materials like RDF (refuse derived fuel) and household waste, as well as compost and saw dust, the new Hi-X evo compactor is ideal due to innovative technology and robust components.

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The Orkel Hi-X evo compactor is able to bale a wide variety of bulk or chopped material. Our compactors are used to bale more than 25 different materials, and still expanding to new areas of use.

Why waste baling?

Ever-expanding landfills and an unsustainable waste management strategy is harmful in many ways to a community. The deterioration of waste produces gases which alone can harm human health and the quality of the surrounding environment. Furthermore, the risk of toxic runoff is considerable. Landfills may also contribute to landscape changes, possibly resulting in loss of vital habitats. 


Bales are user friendly as they allow seamless handling and transport, providing organized waste management. Furthermore, storing waste in bales instead of in open containers assures that no waste is lost during prolonged storage, and removes the possibility of toxic runoff and hazardous gases as the bales limit oxygen supply. Moreover, baling waste with high density will reduce the total volume of waste, lowering the required storage space.

Read about how one of our customers benefit from baling waste.



The Orkel Hi-X evo compactor is a further development of our well known Hi-X compactor. The unique design of technical details like auto greasing of all bushings and auto oiling of chains, makes the compactor exceptionally durable. The results are low maintenance and life cycle costs, which gives major advantages for your production. The elevator of the Hi-X evo compactor has a unique design which makes it easier for bigger fragments to be transported up the elevator, as well as the opening into the chamber is bigger.


Our knowledgeable and experienced technical consultants are situated in all six continents and more than forty countries. We provide 24-hour help all year round, regarding any technical issue or questions.

Orkel touch control system

orkel control system web

The Hi-X control system is the new generation of electronics and control units. Together with a new hydraulic system with proportional valves, it gives you major advantages.

Easy to use

Intuitive pictures and touch screen makes it easy to understand and run the machine. The symbols and pictures overcome language barriers and give few potential operator errors. Wide viewing angles and high brightness offer good readability also in direct sunlight.

Better control

As the machine runs automatically you can at all times see what is going on. You may choose to control and adjust it for your specific needs, as all functions can be controlled from the display.

Optimize the processes

The machine comes with several programs as factory presets for different materials. In addition you can make your own adjustments and save them as different baling programs. E.g. You may store one set of setting for baling a wet material, and one for the material when dry. The better control enables optimization of settings and therefore higher efficiency.

Robust and reliable

The electronics hardware is developed by EPEC Finland, for heavy industries like mining and forestry, and is reliable in any condition. In a tight aluminum housing the screen is waterproof, totally dust tight and endures cold, heat, vibration, moisture and impacts.

Details about the Hi-X control system


Orkel takes great pride in offering highly customized machines tailor made to meet every specific need. We facilitate the adaption to your existing production line and offer completely integrated solutions that fit seamlessly into your existing facilities, conveyor belts, safety systems, etc. Varieties like different feed hoppers and mobile or stationary versions are among the many customizations we make to optimize the compactor for our customers.

Wide film Wrapping

To achieve the best possible bales it is vital not to compromise regarding packaging. Orkel compactors do the wrapping in two processes: Initially, the bales are wrapped in wide film to allow the bales to maintain their shape and density. An air pressure cleaning system ensures high quality operation at all times as well as simplifies maintenance. Finally, the bale is wrapped in stretch film. A predefined number of film layers seals the material in a compact bale on the wrapping table, maximizing the storage and handling potential.

We recommend the Orkel polyethylene plastic film that comes in a variety of dimensions and models, developed by a leading global producer.





Chatkanoke Pingasorn

Sales rep. Thailand

phone+47 480 88 214

LINE: orkel_compactors

Peder Kvendset

Sales Director

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+47 906 73 755

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Regional Sales Manager

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+47 967 46 292

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Business Dev. Manager

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+47 454 77 321
+47 454 77 321

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Regional Sales and Sustainability Manager

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+47 907 36 245


Efficient, flexible and reliable drive and operation of your Compactor: Orkel PowerPack PP55

Wrapping film

To achieve the best possible bales it is vital not to compromise regarding packaging. We recommend our own branded polyethylene plastic film which comes in a variety of dimensions and models, developed by a leading global producer. Contact us for more information.

Bale handling equipment

Specialized tools for lifting and opening bales efficiently.

The Hi-X compactor is operated using hydraulics, with power being supplied by either a tractor or an electric motor (Powerpack PP55).



Required power: >55 kW electrical motor or >120 HP tractor
PTO speed: 850 RPM
Total weight: 9 850 kg - 11 160 kg
Capacity: Up to 60 bales/hour
Bale volume: 1,25 m3
Bale diameter: 115 cm
Bale width: 120 cm
Bale weight: 300–1200 kg

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