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Optimizing SRF and RDF handling with the Orkel Hi-X Evo compactor

At Orkel's assembly plant in Fannrem, Norway, a significant milestone is reached as the Orkel Hi-X Evo is prepared for transport to a European industrial site. This marks the culmination of six weeks of meticulous construction and testing, setting the stage for the machine's role in sustainable energy solutions.

In the quest for sustainable energy solutions, waste bales have emerged as a promising fuel source. But what factors influence their effectiveness and handling?

Streamlined Operations:

The Orkel Hi-X Evo offers a seamless integration into waste management plants, with intuitive maintenance processes and user-friendly operation. Thanks to the expertise of Orkel technicians, assembly is swift, typically completed within 1 to 2 days, ensuring minimal downtime for customers.

Efficient Bale Production:

New users are often amazed by the Hi-X Evo's efficiency, capable of producing around 50 bales per hour, each weighing between 550 to 600 kilograms. This high output translates to significant savings in time and labor, making waste baling a streamlined process for operators worldwide.

Versatile Applications:

Orkel's commitment to innovation is evident in the Hi-X Evo's ability to process a variety of materials, including Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF), Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF), and more. By making fine adjustments to the control unit, operators can optimize baling and wrapping for different waste streams, maximizing resource utilization.

Safe and efficient handling:

The Orkel Hi-X Evo makes a big difference in green energy efforts by cutting storage space by up to 70%. This means cheaper transport using regular machines, helping the environment and saving money. Plus, the compact bales it creates are easy to store, use, or sell, promoting recycling.

Density plays a pivotal role in waste baling, ensuring efficient transportation while meeting weight restrictions. Achieving the right density is essential to avoid penalties for light loads, taking into consideration that the material challenges are fluffy and consistent.

Customer Perspectives:

Despite initial apprehensions, customers are recognizing the advantages of round bales for their flexibility and mobility. The industry is embracing this shift towards round bales for improved fuel accessibility.

Baling SRF and RDF with the Orkel Hi-X Evo offers numerous benefits, from optimized density to easy storage and transport. As the industry embraces round bales, Orkel remains at the forefront, providing innovative solutions for sustainable energy production.