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Maize/ corn silage baling

Effective maize silage baling has been possible since 2003, when the world's first commercial maize baler for chopped maize / corn silage was made: the Orkel MP2000. Now, forage maize bales are used in more than 40 countries.

A hand holding a portion of chopped maize silage

Reasons in short:

  • Increased milk yield / live weight gain
  • Higher DM intake
  • Better milk quality by increased protein and fat
  • Improved animal health

Research shows an increase in milk production by use of maize in high density bales compared to maize in silo. This research is done by CRV Cattle Improvement, in Holland.

Research done by the University of Gembloux, Belgium, shows an increase of profitability in meat production by 20%.

How? Watch the baling process in this film and learn more below.

Forage quality

  • Remove the oxygen
  • Keep the oxygen out
  • Less spoilage

Contact with oxygen spoils the maize silage. Bacteria consumes the nutrition when the maize is in contact with oxygen. The compaction process removes the oxygen and the maize bale is wrapped in air tight film. The result is no oxygen inside, and no oxygen gets in to the maize bale. This happens to a greater extent in high density bales than in bunker silos or bags.

The result is superior conservation of the content. Benefits are less bacterial spoilage during storage and transport, and stable silage for longer term storage. On top of that, high density maize bales have lower rates of air infiltration during feedout.

Maize field, stacks of round bales and Orkel compactors seen from above
Baling operations in Italy using two Orkel Dens-X compactors


Minimal or no losses in forage conservation provides huge benefits to the livestock farmer. User experience during more than 10 years , as well as several independent test reports, confirm the advantages of Orkel high density maize bales to provide:

  • Increased milk yield/ live weight gain
  • Higher DM intake
  • Better milk quality by increased protein and fat
  • Improved animal health

In turn, these benefits have a positive impact on the financial return from milk and meat production.

White round bales lying on a field, with an Orkel compactor, trees and blue skies in the background
Maize silage in round bales are easy to store. They can be stacked up to 6 stories to save space.

Baling capacity and bale weight

We offer four different maize balers

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