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Agricultural compactors: From local Innovation to Global Impact

The birth of innovation

In 2002, Orkel made history by launching the first-ever agricultural compactor: The Orkel MP2000! The agricultural compactor not only improved feed storage logistics but also paved the way for a more sustainable approach to utilizing our land and crops.

The commitment to innovation was recognized at Agritechnica 2003, where Orkel won the silver medal of innovation. This acknowledgment highlighted Orkel's meaningful contribution to the advancement of agricultural technology.

A diploma to the left and a MP2000 compactor to the right
Orkel won the silver medal for innovation in 2003. On the right: the very first Orkel MP2000 compactor in operation!

25 Orkel compactors and Counting

Switzerland, a country known for its precision in agriculture, has embraced the Agricultural compactor-technology with open arms. To this date, Orkel has successfully delivered 25 Dens-X compactors to Swiss customers.  

Machine number 25 to Switzerland was the Agritechnica 2023 limited edition all black Dens-X compactor! An one-of-a-kind Orkel compactor, equipped with the latest upgrades, including a new software for up to 20% widefilm savings, enhanced security, and premium LED lighting!

For Orkel, 25 machines to Switzerland is a testament to the reliability and effectiveness of our innovative machinery.

Fostering a Strong Partnership

Serco Landtechnik, serving as Orkel's esteemed dealer in Switzerland, has played a cruicial role in the seamless delivery of Orkel agricultural compactors and dedicated support to Swiss customers. Serco Landtechnik has not only facilitated the physical delivery and support, but has also served as a reliable link between Orkel and the customer.

Two guys posing together at a agricultural trade show
Michael de Lima Ribeiro (Orkel) and Simon Ackermann from Serco Landtechnik at Agritechnica 2019.

Embracing Tomorrow with Optimism

The success of the Agricultural compactors, marked by the Agritechnica recognition and widespread adoption in Switzerland as well as more than 60 countries worldwide, has set the stage for a future where farming is not just about cultivation. It is now about leveraging cutting-edge technology for a more sustainable and efficient agriculture.

Orkel's journey from introducing the first ever Agricultural compactor in 2002 to receiving the silver medal at Agritechnica in 2003, and today being present in over 60 countries, reflects a commitment to advancing agricultural technology. 

With 25 Dens-X compactors actively contributing to Swiss agriculture, Orkel plays a role in shaping the future of farming.

The 2023 Agritechnica special edition Dens-X getting prepped
Many visitors were exited about the special edition Dens-X compacor
The Dens-X compactor can be operated even in small spaces
The MP3000 compactor doing tests in Austria back in the early 2000s