Orkel Touch Control System


The Orkel Touch Control System is a new and innovative way to operate the Orkel Compactor.

orkel control system web




Intuitive pictures and touch screen makes it easy to understand and run the machine. The symbols and pictures overcome language barriers. Wide viewing angles and high brightness offer good readability also in direct sunlight.


multiple languages

The control system is delivered with a set of different languges to make it easy to operate. In the settings is it possible to choose the prefered language or add any other language as well.


Better control

As the machine runs automatically you can at all times see what is going on. You may choose to control and adjust it for your specific needs, as all functions can be controlled from the display.


Optimize the processes

The machine comes with several programs as factory presets for different materials. In addition you can make your own adjustments and save them as different baling programs. E.g. you may store one set of setting for baling a wet material, and one for the material when dry. The better control enables optimization of settings and therefore higher efficiency.


Robust and reliable

The electronics hardware is developed by EPEC, Finland, for heavy industries like mining and forestry, and is reliable in any condition. In a tight aluminum housing the screen is waterproof, totally dust tight and endures cold, heat, vibration, moisture and impacts.


Additional features

  • Automatic overlap control – A speed control system makes the wrapper wrap correctly even if one film roll is empty.Remotely controlled manual operation of film system – e.g. when you change the wide film you can stand on top of the machine and control the film system, without bringing the control unit (display unit).
  • Analogue ultrasonic sensor in feeding table – the trigger distance can easily be adjusted using the display
  • Onboard 24Vdc power supply system
    • More reliable and not affected by different tractor types
    • Easier setup – no cable to connect from the tractor
    • More compatible with other systems
  • A temperature monitoring system which adjusts based on oil type used
  • Automatic net/film brake
  • Opening and closing of the chamber runs smoother – with end attenuation
  • Elevator overfeed protection system
  • Elevator variable speed control with ramp-down


Technical details

  • Resolution: wvga 800 x 480 pixels
  • Touch screen: resistive
  • Processor: ARM cortex a9 dual core
  • Operating system: linux
  • Protection class: IP66
  • Operating temperature: -30 to +70°C
  • Wide viewing angles and bright display panel (800 nits) with excellent sunlight readability
  • Aspect ratio 16:9
  • High colors
  • High-end graphics
  • Automatic display backlight control