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Greenland`s Waste Management Revolution

Two cities in Greenland, with their unwavering focus on waste handling and environmental stewardship, have been at the forefront of seeking solutions to address pollution from open garbage dumps. Recognizing the urgency of the situation, a collaborative effort between Orkel, Østli in Denmark, and two of the Greenland municipalities has emerged, marking a significant step towards preserving the region's natural beauty.

The Challenge of Waste Dispersion persists due to persistent winds, threatening local ecosystems. In response, Greenland's municipalities sought a sustainable solution compliant with waste transportation regulations.

Innovative Packaging: Round Bale Solution

Orkel introduced an innovative approach of packing garbage into round bales, ensuring secure containment and minimizing environmental contamination during transportation. This practical solution aligns with Greenland's commitment to environmental stewardship while awaiting Waste to Energy conversion in the capital Nuuk.

Additionally, the municipality, being the owner of both units, has entrusted the city with the process of baling the landfill waste. The process involves shredding the waste first, followed by baling. They bale for a time, then transport to the port and ship it to the capital.

Succsessful Deployment of Evo Units

Two Evo units strategically located in Ilulissat and Upernavik mark a significant stride towards sustainable waste management in Greenland. Equipped with advanced technology from Fannrem, Norway, these compactors are instrumental in achieving the region's environmental goals. The decision to choose Orkel was multifaceted.

Commitment to Environmental Stewardship

Our collaboration underscores a shared commitment to environmental preservation. Through reducing pollution and promoting sustainable waste management practices, we safeguard Greenland's natural landscapes for future generations.

In conclusion, Orkel's environmental expedition in Greenland demonstrates the transformative power of innovation and collaboration in addressing environmental challenges. As we continue our journey towards a cleaner, healthier planet, our dedication to making a positive impact remains unwavering.