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Main benefits of baling:

  • Excluding oxygen
    The expulsion of oxygen from the bale is essential for good fermentation and the preservation of nutrients during the bale storage period
  • Minimizing losses
    Forage baled using Orkel wrapping and mantle films benefit from an enhanced ensiling process due to the increased oxygen barrier provided by the extra film layers around the bale circumference.  This extra protection helps to minimise forage losses
  • Minimal nutritional losses
    By excluding oxygen, you minimize the energy losses, which can increase animal production by up to 25% (sourcre: Study by CRV Holland)
  • Protection during the storage period
    Bales wrapped in Orkel film are UV protected to keep the bales safe and secure during storage. Additionally the high puncture & tear resistance of Orkel film protect the bales' content during handling and storage.
  • Environment friendly
    With approx. 1,4 billion dairy and meat cattle in the world, it is crucial that we utilize the resources available to feed them all - and eventually ourselves. Using other conservation methods can lead to losses of up to 20-30% of the energy content. This means that almost 1/3 of what we produce, go to waste! With bales, the energy loss is only 1-3% compared (source: Study by the Swedish Agriculture University)
  • Feeding flexibility
    Baled silage facilitates flexible feeding. Bales can be easily transported to livestock locations in manageable quantities.  Bales also allow for the sale of forage in easily transported quantities
  • Homogenous unit packages
    Simplified logistics and easy market access when the forage is stored in unit packages


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Why choose Orkel film?

  • High quality, reliable film
  • Enhanced oxygen barrier for better fermentation and preservation
  • UV protected for all climates to keep bales secure
  • Uses less film per bale than other brands, due to high film quality – better for the environment
  • 100% recyclable!


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