Orkel Dens-X launched in South Africa

The Orkel Dens-X compactor was launched in South Africa for the first time in January 2020. Together with Orkel, Mr. Burger Marais invited people to his farm, Kameeldrift Voere in Cullinan, for a demo of the compactor baling maize silage.

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Many farmers from the area was around to see the Orkel compactor baling.

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Bales easily loaded for transport to a customer.

Easy handling, storage and transport
Mr. Burger Marais (picture on the top of the article), owner of the Kameeldriftvoere farm in Cullinan, bought the Orkel Dens-X compactor because of the ability to conserve and store forages in high density, easy-to-handle round bales.

Bales can be stacked up to 6 bales vertically, and stored anywhere. The volume of the forage is reduced by up to 3:1, making it possible to transport more forage at a lower cost.

Excellent forage quality
The main benefit with conserving forage in bales, is the forage quality. By removing oxygen from the forage, minimal nutrients are lost and the cattle will produce more milk/meat with the same amount of forage.

Studies suggest that cows fed with forage from Orkel bales, can produce up to 7 litres more milk daily (per cow)!

The Orkel compactors, mostly known as maize balers, can bale 20-30 different forages and materials including chopped grasses, forage mixes, manure, saw shawings and many more.

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Orkel Dens-X compactor baling maize forage in South Africa


See the interview with Burger Marais (owner of Kameeldrift Voere farm) and Peder Kvendset (Sales Director of Orkel) from the launch in January 2020:


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