Sargassum Cleanup 2023

 Looking for ways to remove sargassum? Baling is the solution!  Aiming to assist island communities, we're happy to share that we have successfully completed our first sargassum cleanup by baling sargassum!


Sargassum is an increasing problem in the Caribbean, and we are the first in the world to try preserve it. Our compactors have a baling capacity of 30-40 tonnes sargassum per hour, turning a problem into a profit. The bales prevent degassing and leakage, and can easily be transported and stored.


What is your greatest struggle in terms of aggressive sargassum growth?

Is it the limited use of beach area? The odors when the algae dries up? Perhaps your small business is feeling the repercussions of reduced tourism?

Check out this snapshot from our sargassum removal and baling operation:

Orkel customers enjoy benefits such as simplified bulk transport, reduced odors, and increased profitability. We believe sargassum cleanup is no different.

Keen to better understand the opportunities related to cleaning sargassum through high-density baling?

Contact us today, and let's get rid of sargassum once and for all!